An Exoskeleton for the Brain

Intelligent IOT Systems for the farm and beyond

Digital Stables introduces the Digital Workhorse, an IOT Platform built around open source hardware and software, with multiple options for publishing and sharing data. Mix and match multiple Teleonome and leverage their ability to share and use data from each other. Very simply publish any data to multiple platforms or aggregate all data into one and publish it.

What can a Digital Workhorse do for you?

  • Control multiple solenoids and measure the flow through them (multiple simultaneously :) )
  • Control a Solar Pump and a detect a float sensor. It can even refresh the water if its gets too hot.
  • Turn any through into a smart through. You will know how hot, how dirty and how much water there is in a trough. If your livestock has a tag with an RFID it will even tell you how much waater each animal is drinking and not drinking
  • Tell you how much water there is in a tank
  • Control a bore pump so it nevers runs dry while it fills up a tank
  • Tell you if there is a fire, and if you have more then one Digital Workhorse, even tell you which direction the fire is coming from
  • Tell you the temperature, the humidity, how much is raining, how fast and which direction the wind is blowing
  • Energize an Electric Fence and monitor it
  • Detect leaks in an irrigation system
  • See and learn to understand what it sees
  • Be anywhere without a network and still talk to you
  • Publish its data directly to Digital Geppetto, AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, via WIFI or 3g modem
  • Once it has lived for one year at its new home, it will tell you if its needs more panels or more batteries
  • Share data with other horses.
  • Grow. Start with one function and add functions as your needs change (or we introduce new modules :) ).
  • Be Fixed.
    First we offer 12 month warranty on everything. Afterwards, if anything breaks, it will probably cost you less than 150 dollars to fix, since all the components are open source and can be replaced with nothing more than a screw driver Think of Digital Stables as your horse's farrier. We make sure that it is always in top shape, we are always a phone call away, and for the same kind of hourly rate you would pay a plumber or an electrician

Choose your horse

Solar Horse

The Solar Workhorse is fully Energy Independent, you can leave it in the padock and it will perform its job for many years.

The basic kit comes with two 17Amphr batteries and one 60W solar panel.

Power Horse

The Power Workhorse comes with a power cord to be plugged into a 240V outdoor power point, which gives the horse the ability to control multiple 2400W 240 v power points. All built to Australian Standards by Australian electricians.